Entry #1


2016-08-20 18:44:26 by LinkNiak

Recently some peolple that i asked for some lines of an animation i was doing (Pikimon Gold (a pokemon gold animated parody)) didnt gave me anything :c

I asked they for more than one month :c

If someone could help me, i'd very grateful with you!

The voices i need are of male and female characters, so, everyone can participate! (as long as you have a decent microphone ;b)


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2016-08-20 19:24:50

Male here. Mind PMing me with a few sample lines, and some notes on the character? Then I can do my best to mess around with it. I'm not the best VA, but it might suffice if nobody else answers the call


2016-08-20 20:09:31

I can do... Prrr! :P


2016-08-20 20:58:30

You need voices? I am in.


2016-08-20 21:23:41

hey, i'm a male, what are the odds
send us some lines there if you can


2016-08-20 22:14:17

As if the world needed more Pokemon parodies.


2016-08-21 03:01:13

I'd be happy to help out! I've got a decent microphone and some suffice audio equipment to prevent. PM me a script or send it via osummers65@gmail.com. Looking forward to it!


2016-08-21 03:01:47

prevent reverb*


2016-08-21 20:44:26

If you need a low pitch voice, you can count me in!


2016-08-22 05:18:27

If you need medium or low pitch lines, send me a sample and I'll see what I can do.


2016-08-26 17:40:09

Hey, I'm always up for some voice acting, send me a message if you need me!
Male voice btw, in case it's full and you don't need any more

LinkNiak responds:

Sorry :c
I'm full of male voices :c

But thank you anyway!


2017-03-25 22:43:50

hey if you live in florida and if you can buy me a microphone i can sound like a girl for voice acting even though i am a boy